Retainers & Appliances

Your retainer is the appliance designed to maintain your teeth in their corrected positions. It is important that it is worn according to instructions and brought to each appointment.

When/if you take out your retainer, be sure to put it in the case provided.

Clean your retainer 1x daily in cool/warm water with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Brushing your retainers removes plaque and keeps the retainers clean. An orthodontic appliance cleaner (Retainer BriteTM) or denture cleaner can be used but is not a substitute for brushing.

Retainer Cases

Keep your retainer away from your pets as they love to chew on them.

Initially, you may find it difficult to speak while wearing your retainer. If you practice speaking/reading out loud your speech should return to normal within 2-3 days.

Retainers are breakable. Please handle with care. Avoid flipping the retainer in and out with your tongue. This can increase the chance of breakage. If you lose or break your retainer, call our office immediately.

Never try to adjust your retainer by yourself. If you have a concern, please call and we will adjust it for you.

Always bring your retainer to your appointments.

Remember to remove your retainers for swimming and contact sports.

Keep your retainers away from hot water, heat source (like a radiator), hot car dashboard, pockets, dishwashers and washing machines. Do NOT put your retainers in a napkin or kleenex…it is likely to be tossed in the trash. NEVER boil your retainer.

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