Orthodontic Appliances

There are several types of appliances that we use for our patients depending on the particular treatment plan and individual need. Following is a reference guide along with images that will help you to understand options that may be recommended to you or your child.
headgear facemask


This is a “Headgear” type of appliance used to guide the growth of the upper jaw in a forward direction.


Retainers retain or “hold” the teeth in their new positions after the teeth have been straightened. At this stage of treatment, wearing the retainers as directed is crucial to prevent treatment regression. Invisible retainers are clear and virtually “invisible”. Hawley retainers are acrylic retainers with wires that come in a variety of colors.

  • invisible retainers


  • hawley retainers



HERBST or M2M (Molar to Molar)

This appliance reduces the overbite by positioning the lower jaw forward, encouraging growth to “catch up” to the upper jaw. This fixed appliance is used mostly for younger children that are still growing and is worn for about 9-12 months during treatment with braces.





This appliance widens the upper jaw by putting gentle pressure on the molars each time it is activated. Instructions will be given on how and when the expander should be activated. The expansion process often results in a large gap between the top two front teeth. The gap typically closes once the activation has ceased. Once the expander is removed, a wireless retainer is used to hold the expansion.



The Nance holding arch, lingual holding arch and space maintainer are fixed appliances that hold the space for underlying adult teeth that still need to erupt when there is a premature loss of primary or “baby” teeth.

nance appliance
lingual holding arch
space maintaine
Space Maintainer



These are small flexible rings that are placed in between the teeth to create a small space prior to the fitting of an appliance that requires a “band” or a ring around the tooth.




Rubber bands improve the fit of the upper and lower teeth relative to one another. Wearing rubber bands as instructed is vital and will only be effective if they are worn as prescribed.


power scope appliance



The power scope appliance is used to guide the relationships of the upper and lower jaw. This appliance is used for patients that may have a difficult time inserting or wearing elastics or rubber bands.

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