The Cost of Orthodontics

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Georgia 98There is no question that orthodontic work for yourself or your child is a big financial commitment. If you don’t have insurance that covers orthodontic benefits, you are looking at paying several thousand dollars out of pocket.

Choosing an orthodontist should be a carefully thought out decision and one that is not made on price. That said, you should find an orthodontic practice that offers the best possible treatment options that you can afford.

When you are considering braces, Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment, there are multiple factors that go into that decision. And, keep in mind, no two orthodontic practices are alike. If you make a decision based on a coupon that arrived in your mailbox, chances are you will be sacrificing other variables that are critical to getting the best care, service and treatment.

When evaluating practices and looking at the cost/value relationship, you want to consider these aspects:

Orthodontist’s training & experience

Dr. Nakisher has been a practicing orthodontist for nearly 20 years. She is doing what she loves! It is important when selecting an orthodontic practice to look at the doctor’s education, experience and enthusiasm.

A graduate of the University Of Illinois College Of Dentistry, Dr. Nakisher completed the Orthodontic Specialty Program at the University of Illinois in 1997, receiving a master’s degree in Orthodontics and Oral Sciences. She has logged countless hours of continuing education and is a leader in utilizing the latest technology to positively advance treatment outcomes.

She is a member of the American Association of OrthodontistsAmerican Dental AssociationMichigan Dental AssociationMichigan Association of Orthodontists, Great Lakes Orthodontic Study Club, and the Michigan Damon Digital Study Club.

Staff longevity

Is your orthodontist’s staff like a revolving door? It’s important to notice this. Any practice where there is a high turnover rate speaks volumes for the kind of office it is. You want to commit to a practice where the staff is treated with respect. A happy staff means they will stick around, they will go above and beyond for their patients and they will do their job with enthusiasm. At Nakisher Orthodontics, we have staff members who’ve been with us for more than 20 years! Our Office Manager loved working here so much she recruited her sister to join the practice. You can read all the staff bios on our website.

Personality and tone of the office

Before you even walk through the door to the Orthodontist’s office, how are you treated on the phone? If the attendant taking your call is impatient, rude or unfriendly, let that be a red flag. Now, of course, anyone can be having a bad day; it if happens more than once, go somewhere else. Dr. Nakisher’s staff is warm, friendly and interested. In fact, every patient is treated like family. When you walk into the office, you are greeted with a smile by our scheduling coordinator, Michele. The office is quiet, comfortable and organized; and, there is always a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa available for you.

Personal care

While you or your child are going through orthodontic treatment, you want to know that your doctor is an active part of the process. At Nakisher Orthodontics, you always see Dr. Nakisher. She places the braces, adjusts the appliances, and evaluates every patient. She is a “hands-on” orthodontist. Her care and attention to each patient is invaluable.

Flexibility and ease of scheduling

It is important to find a practice that can accommodate your work or school schedule and see you if there’s a true emergency. It is so easy to schedule appointments with Dr. Nakisher. We have Saturday hours once a month during the school year. Her staff will find the appropriate time slot that suits your needs. This should never be a source of stress for you.

Payment plans

Getting braces for your family is a big expense, especially if you don’t have insurance with an orthodontic benefit. Committing to treatment is an investment in a healthy smile and a decision you should make carefully. Once you do, Dr. Nakisher’s office can easily arrange for a payment plan so the appropriate treatment is manageable within your budget.

Wait time

Do you find yourself looking at your watch every few minutes while sitting in the waiting room of your orthodontist’s office? Is there always a line-up of patients ahead of you, no matter what time of day or day of the week you come in? At Nakisher Orthodontics, you will rarely wait to be called in to your appointment. We’ve honed our scheduling process so appointments are allotted the proper amount of time. You won’t feel rushed either.

Quality of product

Not all braces are created equal. Some products are of lesser quality and not as reliable or as effective in treatment outcomes. If a practice is significantly discounting its fees, this is likely to be one area where they are cutting corners. Dr. Nakisher uses the Damon System and Invisalign for treatment. The Damon System facilitates healthy tooth movement with complete control utilizing passive self-ligation and high-tech arch-wires; this can minimize discomfort and create beautiful smiles that last a lifetime! Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that are removable so you can eat and drink; Nakisher Orthodontics is a Premier Invisilign Provider.

Yes, getting braces is not cheap. However, it is an investment in your smile and your overall health. There are many reasons why fees vary by practice; any decision should include all the variables listed above. If you’d like to meet us, call the office for a complimentary consultation.

adminThe Cost of Orthodontics